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The long-term benefits of renewable energy are well worth your investment of a little time and money. Choosing cleaner electricity may add a small amount to your monthly bill, but for the price of a single fast-food meal you can invest in a renewable energy future – ensuring the quality of our air, water and ecosystems for generations to come. Sign up now!
Green Power For Your Home
For most residential customers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Montana, the easiest option is to purchase renewable energy through your utility. Most utilities in the Northwest now offer a green power option to their customers that makes it easy to sign up at a reasonable price.
Green Power For Your Business
Most businesses consume more power, and may have multiple locations or other special needs that can make green power purchase decisions more complicated. The first step to take is to contact your local utility to see what options they have specifically for businesses. Other options exist for business purchases, but contact your utility first to see what they have to offer.
To find out what green power options are available from your utility, click on your state below.
Idaho        Montana        Oregon        Washington
What If I Rent, Or My Utility Isn't On The List?
If you lease or rent your home or business space and your electricity is covered by your building owner, ask your landlord if they purchase green power for the building.
If your landlord doesn't buy green power, or your utility doesn't have a green power program that serves you, you can still ensure your energy consumption is clean by purchasing renewable energy certificates through a green power marketer.
Your Energy Choice Is Powerful
Not convinced you can make an impact by switching to renewable energy? Customers are voting with their dollars across the Northwest and making a huge impact. RNP's Powerful Choices report has been tracking the impact of voluntary customer green power purchases since 2000.
Check out the Powerful Choices report for details.
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